Millburn Free Public Library
Library building
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ab, above
acct, accountant
adv, advertising:
agt, agent
al, alley-
Am, American
apta, apartmenta
archt, architect
assn, association
asst, assistant
atdt, attendant
auto, automobile
av, avenue
bdg, building
bel, below
bet, between
bev, beverages
bey, beyond
bkkpr, bookkeeper
blk, block
blkemith, blacksmith
blvd, boulevard
c, corner
capt, captain
carp, carpenter
chauf, chauffeur
cir, circle
clk, clerk
com, commission
coml, commercial
condr, conductor
conf, confectionery
contr, contractor
corp, corporation
ct, court
delica, delicatessen
dept, department
dir, director
dlst, district
div, division
do, ditto
dr, drive
drsmkr, dressmaker
E, East
elec, electrician, electric
or electrical
elev, elevator
emp, employed
eng, engineer
est, estate
ext, extension
far, farmer
fl, floor
ft, foot
funeral dir, funeral director
turn rms, furnished
gen, general
govt, government
h, head of household—r,
resides with householder
hdw, hardware
housekpr, housekeeper
hwy, highway
Inc, Incorporated
inq, inquire
ins, insurance
insp, Inspector
junc, junction
kpr, keeper
la, lane
lab, laborer
lieut, lieutenant
lwyr, lawyer
mach, machine, machinery,
mdse, merchandise
mech, mechanic, mechanical
mfg, manufacturing
mfr, manufacturer
mgr, manager
mkr, maker
n, near
N, North
opp, opposite
opr, operator
p, page
pk, park
pky, parkway
pi, place
PO, Post Office
pres, president
prin, principal
priv, private
prod, production
prof, professor
prop, proprietor
r, resides with householder
h, head of household
rd, road
real est, real estate
rem, removed
rep, representative
repr, repairer
rest, restaurant
RR, railroad
S, South
sec, secretary
sergt, sergeant
als, sales
sq, square
sta, station, stationery
steno, stenographer
sub, substitute
supt, superintendent
supv, supervisor
tchr, teacher
tel, telephone
ter, terrace
tpk, turnpike
trav, traveler, traveling
treas, treasurer
v pres, vice president
W, West
whol, wholesale
wid, widow
wkr, worker

(1) indicates room number—"st" and "Miss" are implied

CWCo, Commonwealth Water Co
CW&LCo, Commonwealth Water & Light Co
NY, New York City
PSCT, Public Service Co-ordinated Transport
PSE&GCo, Public Service1 Electric & Gas Co
EyEx, Railway Express Agency, Inc.
SFD, Summit Fire Department
TelCo, New Jersey Bell Telephone Co

DL&W, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Rail-road  SH, Short Hills
Wyo, Wyoming

200 Glen Avenue, Millburn, NJ 07041
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